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Kaito Consulting Services Ltd

Area of Expertise: Israel-Japan Consulting

Email: info@kaitoglobal.com

Website: https://www.kaitoglobal.com/

President & CEO: Nir Malkit
Founded: April 2016
Address: 3 Aluf Kalman Magen St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

・Corporate partnership service designed for Japanese companies
・ Consumer products services specializing in the Japanese market

・ Ecommerce Development services  
・ Affiliate Service Provider projects (ASP)

Affiliated Companies: OM2

Kaito Consulting Service Co., Ltd. is a top-level market entry consulting firm specializing in the Japanese market. We have a unique team of Japanese and Israeli experts who are fluent in Japanese. Taking full advantage of Israel's startup ecosystem and an extensive network of Japanese companies, we provide Japanese companies and investors with professional B2B consulting services such as innovative technology and scouting of investment opportunities (both startups and VCs). I am. In addition, we will lead and support clients aiming to launch new B2C businesses and enter the Japanese e-commerce market by providing a complete package of marketing, planning, and operation management services. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, movement to Israel is also restricted, and considering the current situation where Japanese society is shifting to homework, we will be the contact point for both Israel and Japan, and we will be a first-class technology scout. It is also possible to support and act as an Israeli agency. Our strength is the implementation of strong long-term support.

Network In Motion

Area of Expertise: Israel Japan Business Development

Phone Number : +972-54-6247365

Email: info@network-in-motion.com

Website: www.network-in-motion.com

President & CEO: Ira Prigat

Founded: July 2015

Network in Motion is a consulting firm specializing in creating sales & investment opportunities in Japan for Israeli Life Science & Medical technological companies. Our team of experts and strategic partnerships operates from both Israel & Japan enables you to contact leading Japanese firms & speak to key decision makers, thus saving you valuable time & money.


תחום: יעוץ, לוקליזציה

אתר: https://www.knav.solutions/

מייל: keiko@knav.solutions

טלפון: 052-527-0304

KNAV Solutions נוסדה בשנת 2019 על ידי קייקו, יפנית שגרה בישראל מאז 2010. החברה מספקת שירותים על פי דרישה לעסקים ההולכים וגדלים.עם עשור של ניסיון בפיתוח עסקי, KNAV Solutions מסייעת בעיקר לחברות ישראליות להרחיב את שוקן ביפן. הצעד הראשון לחדירה לשוק היפני עם יליד יפני בישראל הינה ההצעה הבסיסית של KNAV.KNAV Solutions מומחים בלוקליזציה מקצועית עם הבנה טכנולוגית עמוקה. KNAV הינה מעבר לתרגום פשוט שחברות תרגום אחרות מציעות.החברה מציעה תמיכה במשלחות יפניות לישראל החל מתכנון, ומתן סיוע מקומי וכולל תרגום בישיבות. KNAV Solutions יכולה לספק שירותים נוספים כגון איסוף משדות התעופה, הזמנות בתי מלון, ארגון אירועים, תכנון סיורים עם שותפים על פי צרכיהם.

יגאל ארנון ושות'


תחום: ייעוץ וליווי משפטי


טלפון: 03-6087795
פקס: 03-6087702



מספק שירותים משפטיים לחברות זרות כגון; בנקים מקומיים וזרים, מוסדות פיננסיים, חברות הזנק, גופים ממשלתיים ויחידים.




ORTRA Meeting Point

Website: https://www.ortra.com

Address: ORTRA Ltd. Alon Tower 2, 94 Yigal Alon St. , P.O. Box 9352 Tel Aviv, Israel 67899139

Tel: 972-3-6384444

Fax: 972-3-6384455

Email: info@ortra.com

With over 35 years of experience, today ORTRA is one of Israel’s leading Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs) & Destination Management Company’s (DMC). Established in Tel Aviv in 1982, ORTRA has hosted over 60 local and international events annually.

Over the past three decades, ORTRA has developed an impeccable reputation as a stable, solid and creative company. ORTRA’S clients have come to rely on the team’s creativity in handling the intricacies that come along with planning their affairs - no matter how big or how elaborate.

With its own proven methodologies and working processes, ORTRA delivers an optimal combination of process and flexibility. It is this flexibility in creative thought, budget and management that have allowed it to succeed time and again.

Aquarius Engines - Energy Generation

Area of Expertise: Hybrid Energy Solutions

Website: www.aquariusengines.com

Email: Info@aquariusengines.com


Aquarius has developed an engine-generator that is dramatically cheaper, smaller, cleaner and more efficient than existing power generators. It is about to disrupt the market of Power Generators and in Electric cars


Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc.

Area of Expertise: Investment

Email: At.Mizuno@mitsui.com

Website: www.mitsui-global.com

Principal Investment firm backed by Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

$150M under management for venture stage investment, plus growth stage investment capability

Focus on Technology sectors

Global coverage by affiliate Mitsui funds with offices in Silicon Valley (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China), and Tel Aviv (Israel)

Active in cross-border deals with capability to source businesses in each region and achieve global expansion

Pearl Cohen

Area of Expertise: Legal Services

Website: www.pearlcohen.com

Zeev Pearl: ZPearl@PearlCohen.com | +972-3-3039200

Guy Lachmann: GLachmann@PearlCohen.com | +972-3-3039054

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz is an international law firm with offices in Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We primarily represent innovation-driven enterprises including Fortune 500 and small-cap emerging companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, investors in the enterprises they form, academic institutions and government-related entities.

Our professionals were educated in some of the leading legal and scientific institutions in the world and are versed in many languages. They bring years of experience and varied professional backgrounds from big law, in-house legal departments, academia and multiple industries allowing us to tackle the legal challenges our clients face from both a business and scientific perspective.

Pearl Cohen represents clients in the areas of intellectual property, commercial law and litigation. Professionals from all our offices work together seamlessly to provide clients integrated legal advice covering US, Israel, and certain aspects of European and Eurasian law, ensuring that the full resources of the Firm are available to each client.

Jakore Ventures IL

Email: yony@jakore.com

Website: https://www.en.jakore.com/

Jakore is a startups localization hub towards Japan with a hands-on approach.

Jakore deal with B2B & B2C startups and provide them a one-stop-shop, based on their needs, entry to the Japanese market.

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פקס: 08-9381057:

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